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Our day tours take place in the amazing city of Cape Town, SA.
 From walking, biking and hiking to feel the ultimate adrenaline rush on a free fall on its blue sky!
Don't miss any day in the Mother City and... 


On our Big 5 Day Safari, we provide you the opportunity to admire the majesty of the “Big Five”: lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino. The tour includes transportation to and from the reserve, an expert tour guide, a meal prior to your excursion, and welcoming drinks. Drives through the reserve are in an open air 4x4 safari vehicle with the drive ending with a visit to the reserve’s own animal rescue centre. With the choice between a morning or afternoon game drive, there are multiple other safari options are available (including overnight packages!). Enquire with us for more information so that we can design the perfect safari for you.

Cape point peninsula

Enjoy a full day of scenic bliss around Cape Town’s famous Cape Point Peninsula. This tour is sure to create an educational and memorable experience as you visit the notorious penguin colony at Simon’s Town and view some of the most beautiful oceanic views in the Cape Point Nature Reserve.

On this tour, you will depart early in the morning for a beautiful coastal drive along Chapman’s Peak, overlooking Camps and Hout Bay. Take a stop in Simon’s Town to appreciate two centuries worth of rich history at the naval base and harbour and continue on with a visit to Boulder’s Beach, where  you will have the chance to view hundreds of adorable African penguins up close and personal. After lunch at a quaint restaurant in Mouille Point, we continue the winding road on to Cape Point and the most southwestern tip of Africa; the Cape of Good Hope.

Shark cage diving

Come face to jaw with the ocean’s most feared predator as you are submerged completely into the waters of the shark capital of the world. Combine a dip into the ocean with an adrenaline rush like no other with a day trip to Shark Alley.


Embrace your inner daredevil in the Shark Capital of the world and go cage-diving in the natural habitat of the Great White Shark. We ensure a safe experience with professional and experienced staff who are there to ensure a satisfying adventure, along with quality and secure equipment. Upon arrival, you will be served a light breakfast and a short briefing from the crew, before heading out to sea to make your shark sighting dreams a reality – Round trip transportation included!


Get the ultimate 360 view of Cape Town and all that it has to offer, while soaring through the sky. With hardly anything but the power of the wind (and a skilled, professional to guide you), look at the city as you never have before through our breathtaking, paragliding experience.


Take to the skies for an unforgettable flight between Cape Town’s gorgeous waterfront and iconic Table Mountain. This gorgeous paragliding experience launches off from Signal Hill and takes you on a thrilling half hour long journey to the Sea Point promenade. 

sports coaching


Doesn’t jumping out of a plane sound fun? Free fall from the sky at 120 mph with a sky-high view of the southern most tip of Africa. Cross this one off your bucket-list in one of the most beautiful cities in the world through our skydiving opportunity.


This tandem skydive promises the ultimate adrenaline rush with a freefall of up to 40 seconds, quickly followed up with a 3-4 minute slower journey back to the ground. As you recover from the initial fall, you will be overwhelmed with the amazing natural beauty of Cape Town slowly rising closer to you—professional skydiver included. 

sand boarding

Whether you are a pro at carving the slopes, or a beginner looking for some fun in the sun, you are sure to love South Africa’s answer to snowboarding. You will be tearing up the massive sand dunes in no time with our friendly and adventurous guides helping you along.

Zip through the famous Atlantis Dunes with Table Mountain at your horizon. Whether you want a basic lesson and experience the trek up the sandy dunes by foot, or you want to sandboard in style and get driven back up in a 4x4 vehicle, we have options for you. Similar to snowboarding, we recommend beginners start off on the small bunny hill and proceed to the larger behemoths once you get your bearings. Once you master boarding the dunes, you’ll be addicted to the rush!

scuba diving


What better place to get certified for scuba diving than the coastal and hot, Cape Town, South Africa. Become certified to explore the world beneath the waves with our open water PADI certification course for beginners in just 2-3 weeks. The completed certificate is valid for life.


Scuba diving is an interactive way to see the diversity of marine life in the depths of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean and you will be lucky enough to have the opportunity to explore the vast, protected marine life in and around Cape Town during your certification course. The skills you will learn from the course are invaluable for those interested in marine biology and for anyone who wants to see all the mysterious and intriguing fish and plants that the ocean has to offer.

wine tasting

As one of the wine capitals of the world, our tour of unique wine estates in Cape Town is a no brainer. Drink your fill from local Cape vineyards and receive a full day guided tour of five wineries around Cape Town. This wine tasting experience will help you to learn how to distinguish different wines, sipping and swirling your way through these 5 unique wine estates. The tour includes transport, wine tastings with 2 different delicious pairings, and a scrumptious lunch to match the world class quality wine.


To ensure we include a variety of farms, we plan to visit at least five wine farms across the Cape Winelands, depending on which wineries are open for your scheduled trip. Upon getting picked up, you will start off with a wine and cheese pairing at Fairview Estate. The next stop is Middelvlei, a family run farm where a braai lunch will be prepared. We then visit Lovane estate where there will be a wine and chocolate tasting and the tour will end at Annandale, an estate owned by legendary Springbok rugby player and 5th generation winemaker, Hempies du Toit. After a day of wining and dining, we will aim to be back in Cape Town by sunset.

Foodie Thursday

Take part in a culinary exploration through the artsy city of Cape Town and find the best spots for drinks, food and other crafts. On this tour, you will be escorted through various hotspots in the city while getting to wine and dine a diverse range of goods at some of Cape Town’s finest vendors.


The tour will begin at the oldest artisan coffee roasters in South Africa for coffee tasting. You will then head to the Company’s Gardens to stroll around while choosing to try some local snacks. From there you travel to Cape Town’s hidden gem—Woodstock, for craft beer and food pairing. Dessert comes next with a tour of a chocolate factory along with tasting and hot chocolate to conclude the stop. The tour then takes off to Bree Street where we stop for a South African classic, biltong, along the way. The tour then goes to the vibrant neighborhood of Bo-kaap for samoosa, koesister and spice samplings. The culinary tour concludes with a delicious cheese platter partnered with one of South Africa’s finest wines amongst talking to the cheesemaker. Once this main destinations have been covered, guests may choose to stay longer and have a look at the city’s vibrant art scene, given that it is a First Thursays (First Thursday of Every Month) or be dropped off to the Hope Street Night Market (every Thursday night) or get dropped off at their accomodation.   

walking tour

Get a solid picture of the city you’re in with our fun, easy walking tour of the beautiful, fast-paced city of Cape Town. Our walking tour highlights historical and scenic destinations throughout the Mother City in just a few hours duration. From the beautiful, and busy Waterfront, to inner city Gardens and the South African Museum and more, you will embrace all aspects of this culturally rich city at a leisurley pace.


Feel the thrill and astonishment of absieling down Cape Town’s iconic mountain and one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, Table Mountain. Be warned, this activity is not one for the faint hearted.

Embrace yourself for a thrilling experience of courage and adrenaline as you take on the world’s highest commercial abseiling point. At 1,000 meters above sea level, you will be surrounded with astonishing views for a thrilling decent to the ground. Departure takes place at the top of the mountain, so you would need to plan your own way up and down Table Mountain either by cable car or hiking. All necessary equipement and safety instruction is included and no experience is required for this adventure. 

graffiti bycicle tour

Get a new insight into Cape Town on one of our unique, graffiti bicycle tours. The non-strenuous tour leads you around different parts of Cape Town to admire local street art and iconic pieces of graffiti in the city while strolling the streets on bikes. 

The tour begins at  the University of Cape Town’s CPS office on Lower Campus where we collect our bikes. We then ride on Main road from Rosebank to Observatory, where we diverge onto Lower Main road and stop at a quaint, café called Me’Kasi Café which is located within a Boy’s home called Beth Uriel. After enjoying some Danish cookies and coffee at Me’Kasi Café, the tour continues to the Old Biscuit Mill which is a popular pop-up market even among the locals every Saturday. After about an hour-long stop at the market, we continue through the streets of Woodstock where we admire Cape Town Street Art. As we view each piece of street art, our guide will explain the significance of each piece, and by sharing the photos and stories of the artwork, you will be supporting the local artists and postiviely impacting the community—a win-win! The tour then goes on to District 6, which is an area most famous for its historic role as a pivotal moment of Apartheid. At this site, you can see one of Cape Town’s oldest art pieces  as well as a very famous piece done by one of South Africa’s most successful female artists.   

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