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As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a different culture, while learning about the struggles of disadvantaged people in South Africa, Malawi, Namibia or Zimbabwe!


Our team connects volunteers to a variety of teaching and education programs in a number of African countries. This amazing opportunity allows volunteers to make a meaningful impact in the lives of children of all ages, from preschool to those entering secondary education. In a testimonial, one volunteer recalls her significant contribution to one student’s life; that moment when “everything has clicked” and her student had begun to sound out words and read on her own. 

Teach students and volunteer in immersive and comprehensive programs, where you can integrate into the community and help children become confident and self-assured in their reading, math’s, and science skills. Volunteer educators are able to engage with children on both an individual and communal level, engaging with students one on one to improve specific skills and building relationships with people across cultural barriers. Our team provides you with the opportunity to make a relevant and lifelong impact on the lives of young children by cultivating their thirst for knowledge. 

Volunteering in a teaching program is an ideal opportunity for people who are looking to become teachers themselves or have a passion for working in education!

health & medical

The primary focus of the volunteer program is to support the projects that make meaningful impacts on their communities.  Southern Ambition Africa offers several opportunities to get involved in the health and medical side of volunteering. You will have the rare opportunity to make a valuable impact as a caretaker for the patients of the hospital, as an educator in health workshops, and as a friend to young children living in the orphanage who were born with HIV or lost their parents to AIDS. 

Health workers are always welcomed in the “Warm Heart of Africa” where HIV has taken the lives of many parents and robbed children of their childhood. The majority of Africans live in rural areas where stigma about the disease prohibits families from proper testing and diagnosis. Southern African’s population is provided with free health care through the government and the health care system is organized into three tiers. Most will go to a health center to manage common illness and receive maternity care. 


homes of safety

Homes of Safety are community based projects where people have decidedly open their homes to meet the needs of neglected and orphaned children living in their communities. These homes often start as families realize that there are abandoned children living in their neighborhoods and they decide to act, and as the need grows so do their homes. As a volunteer you will work with families to help in the daily activities of the children living in these homes of safety. There are also opportunities to volunteer with refugees and within orphanages across Southern Africa.

Volunteers will provide after-school enrichment activities, which include working with sports programs, arts and crafts courses, and academic assistance to children living in the homes. You will find your purpose here as you help children develop their creativity and work through to become secure in their academic ability as well as more engaged and creative with their minds. 

You will find your purpose here as you help children develop their creativity to become secure in their academic ability as well as more engaged and creative with their minds. 

sports coaching

We offer a number of sports and coaching positions working with various volunteer programs. Join one of our projects that coaches young kids in sportsmanship and teamwork through engaging in various sports such as soccer, volleyball, netball, and surfing. Your time will help kids develop leadership and discipline and teach them productive ways to use their energy. As a sports coach, you will give children the opportunity to learn how to be constructive on and off the field.

Generally, as a volunteer, you will assist teachers in the morning and as the temperature cools in the afternoon, you will teach and play sports that are offered at the school. One of the most popular boys’ sports is football and netball follows as the favorite sport of girls. Your role will be to lighten the load on the teachers and you can do so by organizing after school sporting events, working with local sports teams and coaches, and building sustainable sports programs at the schools.

is a perfect fit for volunteers who are interested in a wide range of sports activities and want to work to develop the confidence and wellbeing of young children. 

sports coaching

youth rehabilitation

We offer a variety of programs that include working with juvenile delinquents and misunderstood children.  We also offer enrichment programs such as our Yoga program, our soup kitchen and after school program, and being part of an eco-rehabilitation village.


Lead or assist after-school clubs: Yoga Club. 

Assist with:

Living Classroom: organic vegetable. Gardening and worm farming (during school hours)

Living Classroom: yoga and life skills (during school hours.

Enviro-education outings (during school  hours.

Holiday program (during school holidays)

Hiking club (two Saturdays a month)

Back office with administration, marketing and     content creation.


Use your newly learnt skills and apply them through interactive surf sessions with the children. We want to give the children something to look forward to; give them hope; show them compassion; and most importantly, put massive smiles on their faces.

After each surf lesson, you have a session with the kids where you pass on what you have learnt. This happens every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday, you plan activities for the children. If the waves are really nice we will most likely go surfing. Other activities include hiking, soccer, swimming, slack-lining, arts and crafts, beach clean-ups etc.

social entrepreneurship

Volunteers help develop techniques for startup companies and other entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. 

This program draws a diverse group of self-motivated, informed volunteers to go beyond traditional community service and learn how to design long-term solutions for current global issues.

Your community becomes the modern world, and your service, the ideas you develop to improve its future!

the conditions

What is included?

● Volunteer placement
● Welcome reception, orientation and closing reception

● Social evening events and weekend excursions
● 24/7 On-site Staff Support
● Transportation to the project on the first day
● Airport pickup and drop off
● Visa assistance (where required) 

What is not included?

● Transportation to and from the program

● Flight tickets
● Accommodation
● Food

● Travel insurance
● Optional intensive language

● Optional professional training course

● Visa costs (if required) 

how much does it cost?

1 to 3 months: € 570 / 650 USD 

More than 3 months: No extra charge

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