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Being a volunteer will greatly impact your life when you know you've helped someone change yours.
Join one of our volunteer programs and you will see firsthand how wonderful it is to travel to Africa. 


Volunteering abroad gives you the opportunity to reevaluate life goals and gain a new perspective of the world outside of your comfort zone. Our team works to create a world of mutual respect where cross-cultural barriers are broken by building relationships between volunteers and locals. We will connect you to a program where you can affect change and share your experience with people and impact their lives in a positive way. The projects we connect you with are ideal for those with an open mind who are seeking adventure and a life-changing experience in a developing country. 


One of the options we have is working with the White Rhino. The rhino is critically endangered animal and can only be found in a handful of southern African countries, including South Africa. As a volunteer you will be in the unique position of working directly with the White Rhino, from caring for daily needs to the study of the protection and preservation of the animal. You can opt to work with animals or in many of our educational or medical programs. 

Christmas project

Work with our team as we join forces with other local organizations to create and facilitate Christmas programs for children in nearby Townships.  Help us assure that these children experience the joy that others do across the world during such a jolly season.  As a team, we strive to create a stress free environment where kids can enjoy being kids throughout one of the most exciting times of the year.  

Southern Ambition Africa strives to offer these amazing programs, which allow volunteers to actively engage with and impact the lives of disadvantaged children in low-income neighborhoods that might otherwise not experience or realize the joy of the Holiday Season.  


We have specialized programs for undergraduate students who want to conduct research for their senior thesis. The program is designed to take advantage of the specific experience and expertise of our staff. We can help you prepare a detailed research plan and work with your academic tutor to ensure you complete practical requirements prior to your trip. Having the opportunity to complete your thesis or dissertation research abroad will allow you to present an academically unique item of study and broaden your horizons in the process. You will find that more often than not people will be open to answering your questionnaires or participating in interviews for your research project, and we can provide a translator if needed.

Students in the past have conducted research in the disciplines of geography, biology, zoology, tourism, sociology, music, and development. Contact us with your preliminary idea and we will help you find a way to complete your research in a suitable area of study. As a researcher you will also have the option to combine your thesis or dissertation work with one of our other volunteer projects. 

the conditions

What is included?

● Volunteer placement
● Welcome reception, orientation and closing reception

● Social evening events and weekend excursions
● 24/7 On-site Staff Support
● Transportation to the project on the first day
● Airport pickup and drop off
● Visa assistance (where required) 

What is not included?

● Transportation to and from the program

● Flight tickets
● Accommodation
● Food

● Travel insurance
● Optional intensive language

● Optional professional training course

● Visa costs (if required) 

how much does it cost?

1 to 3 months: € 570 / 650 USD 

More than 3 months: No extra charge

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