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Never before have you seen wildlife so up close and personal. You can live the adventure of meeting and seeing some of the most amazing animals, beautiful landscapes and incredible people while helping the organization.

environmental conservation

Volunteer at one of the vastest, malaria-free, Big 5 Reserves in the Eastern Cape Province. Our conservation programs give volunteers the chance to partake in pioneering conservation work at these reserves along with their partner conservation organizations. This diverse experience allows you to understand the true issues and duties that conservation entails, while also providing the opportunity to make a real difference.


Between physical work, to interesting, relevant lectures, the flexibility of this program allows you to change up your daily routine if you wish to explore the local cities or visit the big cat sanctuaries nearby.

ape & monkey

Volunteers will gain a variety of experiences and knowledge relating to the habitat and behavior of the chimps as well as partaking in research and fieldwork. There are a range of activities and projects including maintenance of the compound, food preparation for the chimpanzees, sanctuary management activities and chimp behavioral enrichment projects.  

The outcome for this volunteering experience will be hands on working knowledge of this beloved species and its conservation efforts.  You will be working with chimps mainly rescued from illegal bush meat and pet trade.  Come help this sanctuary grow so that it may help more traumatized chimps.

Please Note: Due to the safety, health and wellbeing of the chimpanzees and volunteers, there will be no direct physical contact with any chimpanzee. Safety rules distancing volunteers from chimps must be strictly adhered to. There will be specific areas prohibited to physical access of volunteers at all times.

Big cats

Working with big cats is a truly special experience.  If you are truly passionate about working with endangered species, then this is the ideal opportunity for you! The program will give you hands on experience working with the cheetah and other big cats while your volunteering efforts help preserve these species.

As a big cats volunteer working on a massive conservation area, you will get down and dirty as a thoughtful and loving animal care provider and learn how the animals respond to your attention with purrs and squeaks of satisfaction. As you work with cheetahs, white tigers, leopards, and white lions, you might come across a host of other endangered animals including Ring Tailed Lemurs, Meerkats, and the Marabou Stork. 

Our volunteer program will give you a fascinating experience working with wildlife while you learn about conservation efforts!

conservation experience

Come volunteer at one of the vastest, malaria-free Big 5 Reserves in the Eastern Cape Province.  Volunteers have the chance to partake in the pioneering conservation work of this reserve along with its partner conservation organizations. This diverse experience allows you to understand the true issues and duties that conservation entails, while also providing the opportunity to make a real difference.   

Through this flexible and diverse program, days are sure to never be boring.  Your days will vary from interesting lectures to physical work.  The more time spent at this 25,000-hectare reserve, the more opportunities there are to assist in capturing vital research and visit and manage nearby Big Cat sanctuaries.  Though structured, this particular program also offers the freedom to shake up a normal day whether that means going into the local communities to maintain vegetable gardens or helping to manage the Breeding Center.

*Activities that volunteers may experience:

- Monitoring game

- Managing the Breeding Center

- Community outreach and projects

- Nightly anti-poaching watches

- Game capture

- Assisting at the Rehabilitation Center

- Working at the nearby Big Cat sanctuary

- Counting game

- Sleeping out on the reserve

- Helping with tracking game

- Aid in alien plant control

- Participate in reserve orientation and guided walks

- Restoring and rehabilitating the landscape

*Dependent on weather conditions, wildlife, and duration of stay.

Elephant conservation

Through our elephant volunteer opportunities, you will be privileged with the chance to work with the African Elephant while learning the value of conservation and gaining an understanding of how an elephant sanctuary operates. This program is committed to the preservation of these elephants and is on a self-sustained and fully functional national park. Get ready to follow the directions of your program leader and get down and dirty because this is a very hands-on experience.


Our elephant volunteer program offers either a 2-week or 4-week duration with extensive opportunities to learn and help preserve the African Elephant. You can expect to utilize innovative approaches to deciphering observable elephant behavior and applying sound operational animal management care, husbandry and welfare strategies, procedures and protocols in a quassi captive environment. Key learning experiences will include animal management principles, facility management, research initiatives, and basic elephant knowledge and care.

The program is committed to the preservation of the elephant and works in a completely self contained and fully functional national park!

horse conservation

Southern Ambition Africa offers an exclusive volunteer option for animal lovers, and specifically horse-lovers alike. If you enjoy the sport of riding, vast lands and mountainous scenery, then our volunteer opportunity in the Kaapsehoop Berlin State Forest awaits your scenic adventure where you will work with the native horses of the land.


Known for its many wild horses, the mountains of Kaapsehoop provides yet another unique volunteer experience for animal-lovers. In this program volunteers will learn numerous aspects of horsemanship such as horseback riding, lessons in saddling and bridles, equine husbandry, survival courses, farm management and more! With 17,000-hectare of private property dedicated to this program, our horses live the natural life of wild Kaapsehoop horses on the mountains.

This volunteer program is open for all horse lovers and you do not need to have any experience whatsoever to participate!

penguin conservation

Learn about threatened African penguins and seabirds while engaging in various aspects of sea conservation with our penguin-volunteering program. In this program, volunteers will learn about the challenges sea birds face today and work to preserve the endangered, African Penguin. With leaders in oiled wildlife response, rehabilitation and chick rearing to guide you, volunteers will be expected to participate in daily labor-intensive activities. 

This experience is perfect for students and post-graduates in Marine Biology, Animal Science and Conservation fields, Zoo and Aquarium Keeping, but all volunteers are welcome to apply!

rhino orphanage

With the habitat of the White Rhino only taking up 4 different African countries, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya, their population decline has once proven to be very worrisome. Thanks to intense care, protection and management, the once-nearly extinct species is now classified as Near Threatened as over 20,000 of them exist in protected game reserves, such as the organization for our Rhino volunteer opportunity in South Africa.


In this program you will be in the unique position of working directly with the White Rhino. From caring for daily needs to the study of the protection and preservation of the animal, this program gives you the chance to work with skilled professionals who are committed to the teaching and caring for the preservation of the White Rhino. Overall, you will learn about the needs of the conservation movement and learn what tremendous responsibility activists have in saving the White Rhino.

shark conservation

Work in the Great White Shark capital of the world aiding in conservation efforts and learning about the workings of an eco-tourism based operation. This program is suited to ocean, marine wildlife, shark, and whale enthusiasts alike. It is an ideal opportunity for those who seek information on how Eco-Tourism is beneficial to conservation.


Our shark volunteer program is located in the biggest concentration of Great White Sharks in the world with a globally recognized research program. The program’s young, international team of certified marine biologists will be guiding you on every trip and readily available to enhance your learning experience with these misunderstood creatures of the ocean. You can expect to experience a wide range of marine wildlife outside of just the Great White Shark. Tasks will consist of assisting the crew and tourists on shark cage diving boats, assisting marine biologists, partaking in shark research and taking part in various conservation and community projects.

If you are pursuing a career in Biology or Zoology, the time spent volunteering may also be usable as University credits!


Wildlife Conservation Expedition Volunteer 

The aim is to re-wild 45,000 hectares of land back to its natural ecosystem. Through your help by gaining valuable hands on conservation experience and collecting baseline data together we can achieve our goals. This is your chance to get off the grid with a great bunch of people whilst protecting Namibia’s endangered wildlife. 


Highlights are chilling on sandy beaches on the Orange River, roasting marshmallows over bonfires whilst star gazing and sharing memories.


This project is not about mass tourism or mass volunteering, your place makes a huge difference to the organization, the local community and the wildlife. There is nowhere else in Africa where you can get hands on wildlife experience, track the critically endangered Black Rhino on foot, carry out leopard research and white water raft down rapids whilst chilling with clawless otters. 

the conditions

What is included?

● Volunteer placement
● Welcome reception, orientation and closing reception

● Social evening events and weekend excursions
● 24/7 On-site Staff Support
● Transportation to the project on the first day
● Airport pickup and drop off
● Visa assistance (where required) 

What is not included?

● Transportation to and from the program

● Flight tickets
● Accommodation
● Food

● Travel insurance
● Optional intensive language

● Optional professional training course

● Visa costs (if required) 

how much does it cost?

Depends of the program you choose.

Please contact us for more information.

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